Solway heaters also have an Autogas tank on site at Workington and Bishop Auckland for customers to fill their vehicles.

By switching to Autogas you can make a reduced impact on the environment and a big difference to your fuel costs. Autogas is around half the price of petrol or diesel, resulting in annual savings of around 40%. Drivers of dual-fuel cars can also benefit from cheaper car tax, lower fuel duty and reduced car parking in some areas. LPG cars and vans emit far fewer harmful emissions than vehicles using more traditional fuels – making it the cleaner, greener option. Not only that, but most are bi-fuel so you can still drive on petrol or diesel with the simple flick of a switch whenever you want.

There are already over 160,000 cars in the UK running on LPG, it’s simple to join in and easy to convert your current vehicle to incorporate an Autogas system, to begin reaping the benefits. Most petrol engines are suitable for an LPG conversion, and the majority of LPG kits can be completely integrated with the existing fuel and engine management systems of modern vehicles, allowing you to switch between two different fuel types if necessary. Fuel tanks can be conveniently installed beneath the boot floor, in the spare wheel well or mounted under the chassis, depending on the type of vehicle you drive.